Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why did I write Alaklandia?

Hello everybody,

I will say in this article why I wrote this book. I believe it is really important to report the relationship between myself and the book. First off it has been written to try to help humans in all concepts, morality and materially. If you want to know more about my goal of writing books Click here.

Before anything, I want to thank you for everything. I thank my friends and enemies, both spiritual and physical because I learn new things through them every day.

So, I'll tell you a little bit about Alaklandia, how it all happened and what the goals of this book are, but all my writing that I will do will always follow that line of thinking.

Anyway, Alaklandia took four years of development, it was my first literary work and I got some difficulties in the beginning, but nothing that a great force does not make everything change. The name was an insight, I searched the internet and I used all the resources to see if there was this name but nothing found.

However, all the things that I will do in my life, I always seek to know, what is the purpose of doing this? I believe when we are doing just for doing, it does not absorb results in a journey of values, futility does not add, it just allows to put more an empty heart in the world. Hence I began to have the final idea of 2011, my life was troubled, experiencing great family, financial and professional crises, everything was heavy and painful. Faced with these adversities, came only flash of the characters and happening everything as a movie, the mind did not stop, the images always coming into my mind as if something was knocking on my door without stopping. Receiving ideas through dreams, and even when I woke up, the idea still kept pounding in my mind.

Some time later, in the beginning of 2012, I started the first sketches because I had finished college, so I started writing the first few lines, each line came with more ideas. However, there were some changes in scenery and animals, as I wanted to put something new and different for the readers, and my goal is not only to "write" but to add concepts of life to the world, where the feeling appears in the hearts, leading to the direction of moral values.

The idea came in pieces, respecting the synchronicity of situations, even when I was in the supermarket, on the street or anywhere, the idea came in the mind, anyway, it did not stop. I am not afraid of what I think about the benefits side, I did not choose for people to idolize me, raising my pride and spending money on pleasures, I chose to make a difference for myself and doing what I really like, HELP PEOPLE! I love to hear people and doing the possible for them.

I am happy to have chosen this path, I have experienced many bad and good moments, thus made me write this book. Although it is not just a fantasy book, it is a LIFE, STRENGTH, and WISDOM, with the intention of touching people's hearts, showing that we must fight for our goals, not allow ourselves to be led by ignorance or lack of internal or physical capacity. Creativity is alive in this book and I hope it can inspire others to write different things.

The characters have very strong personalities, which is capable of removing a person from DEPRESSION! Since this response came from a reader before publication, able to put you inside that world, trying to realize a moral transformation. This book has some secret details, I believe some readers will discover to the time, however, I like to be enigmatic :)

The story ended in 2015, and the editing and formatting at the end of 2016. Hence always seek to add values, it can be with your family, friends or neighborhood, it does not matter! What matters what beneficial values you will lead, and that is part of your evolution so as not to stumble and fall into big black holes of unhappiness. Do not be afraid of what comes into your mind, perhaps it will be beneficial to help and revolutionize people, but think before you expose! Right? You're a master, think about it!

If you are interested to know about this world, visit this site

I wish Love, Light and Peace

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