Saturday, September 3, 2016

Pride can destroy your projects!

Hello brothers and sisters,

Another article whereby I will expound on my experiences and also of other people, which will try to add something in your life. Thus allowing to avoid suffering, depression and dissatisfaction.

The topic today is intriguing and thoughtful at the same time because it is a secondary sentimental aspect with which some people get it. The pride! Yes, and the dictionary says:

"It is a characteristic of someone who has an exaggerated self-concept. It can also mean haughtiness, pride, hubris, superb dignity. "

Finally, the dictionary says it is an exaggerated concept of ourselves, we can extrapolate and get out the reason through it. Everything is exaggerated can hurt, right? So let's avoid and try to seek balance.

Well, many people have the habit of saying, "I'm proud of what I do" or "I'm very proud of what I did for her or him" in this case, you feel a confidence according for other people's usefulness, but in indeed for the other deeper side differs from the emotional imbalance. What I mean about that? Because when someone or life even tell you, "No" it will hurt your pride, otherwise you will feel less and will allow the anger, bitterness or sadness to overwhelm you, because you did not accept the sacrifice of thinking in life everything can deny. Although everything will not be available for your life, therefore always good to say to yourself that pride should not keep, but seeking to see the happiness of your neighbor in a better situation and not just aiming for your satisfaction for having helped someone . Perhaps what's good for you, is not good for them. Start turning out your vision just for yourself, and seek for others who need to raise, because he is already tired and sick.

The way we must conduct is to change within. However, the light will grow even more and will leave the sadness, depression, fatigue and dissatisfaction. Because while we are keeping with below feelings and one of them is the PRIDE, we will suffer even more. Therefore often people for being so proud, they can not see new ideas, they do not take attention to opinions and will result in the failure of their projects or anything else. Innovate, change and listen to within yourself that is really pretty nicely, and hear people and showing that you are open-minded and will accept change, you will accept "NO" without changing your feelings, everything will come with respect and reciprocity.

I recommend you intensely watch your thoughts, feelings and actions. If you be taken in to the lower feelings, it will become a habit and will be harder to remove it. Therefore, try to be the best for yourself, seeks to be a righteous person and wanting to take love and respect for all creatures on the planet. Why do you keep in suffering? Suffering is good? Do you want to get different projects and ideas? Get out of pride and open your mind.

I wish Love, Health and Light

Strong hugs.

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