Sunday, September 7, 2014

Alaklandia - New Age and Story

Alaklandia, a work took about 4 years to develop and it contains illustrations to facilitate and making pleasant reading. It was a little tiring and difficult job because there was divergence of situations, scenarios and characters that only the writer knows what is it. Write not only exactly, but need to be filled in your heart and having basic knowledge of life to emphasize the reader what it has never seen before. But in this case, it was very intriguing to me, released some of the flashes that passed through my mind constantly, thus the images became something real. I believe it is a rich and creative work than has been done and taking to our Real World, and the same time letting the concept and moral life to the people, waging the reader to want to read further. Fantasy, it is not only get Fantasy, but it puts personality and concepts of life to the people wanting to PASS through it, and not only wanting to PUT of an imposed way, moreover the freedom to pass knowledge is just our.

The Alaklandia has been developed some Habits, Breeds, Weapons and different from what has been done. We could say them: 4 worlds and 6 breeds, and how could I quote? "Lord of the Rings" Game of Thrones "and among others are stipulated for medieval sense with Elves, Dwarves, Humans and Dragons has already been observed and understood by people. We would say that my work is nothing all about it! It came to be different and not based like what has been proposed until then no one is equal to another. Therefore, I have used some parts from this era but it doesn't become equal. The movies which I have watched inspired me to do the Alaklandia, changing the context and situations. Perhaps the person reads this and asks for, "Is that it all?" I don't know, you need to get it and that you will create your own reason and concept. I'm not famous yet, but it will not limit you to get it.

Alaklandia there are 2 volumes: Onset and Denancy, both jobs taking to think about these facts: Spirit, Energy, Confidence, Love, Friendship, Alliance, Culture, Respect, Hope, Wisdom, Weakness, Wickedness, Lust, Greed, Sensuality and Struggles. LIFE CONCEPT AND CREATIVY ALWAYS!

If want to read and be intrigued with the work get it through

Thank you, good read. Peace, Love and Health.


  1. Simplesmente maravilhoso para ler, fácil interpretação da leitura!

  2. Uma história que te leva para outro tempo,é impossível ler sem se emocionar.