Friday, December 9, 2016

Why do I write?

Hello everybody,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for everything. You always reading some of my articles I hope it can being hopefully for your life.

I will talk a little bit about myself. I will say about why I write quotes, books and making some arts wherein some people are seeing. However, I am not here to change your vision, but you will get thinking through. First off, my life always has been hard, and always bringing many challenges to face. However, I always lived with my mom and I have not received any family’s attention. I feel well that is not missing for me.

I want you know that I have decided to hand over fully for Art and Writing, because these activities always inspire me to make the best to the World. Everything comes in my mind clearly like a movie, voice and static image. Hence, I chose writing good quotes, sentences and books inspiring people to get their inner power. I have not decided to do it to become rich whereby will get big cars, homes and so on. I have not decided to perform these activities to treat me like a God, because I am not anything that I am only a tool. Hence, I have got created a great project as much as will help many people. This project is related to help in spiritual, psychology, physical and material side wherein directed to people are in need. What do I mean about it? I mean there are many people are in poverty utmost that they are not able to get it for their lives. All books sales will be directed to do it regardless where they can be. Once my intention will be to build a lodging in some parts of the world, where this lodging will shelter homeless and families not get capacities to survive. They will receive good cares, they will work with confectionery, plants, practicing tai-chi, meditation and other activities will bring new light to raise their self-esteem. These project is yours, is not mine! We will do it together. Until then the human needs to get a new chance, everybody needs, is not it?

Since what I told it for you, do you think that is coming easily for me? No! I am suffering so much. I am struggling a lot, but I will not give up, because I believe in my project, I believe in myself. Sometimes I feel hopeless, but I up again. Some people don’t believe in my project and some of them are just seeing that I am just futile person. Do you think that I care about their opinions? No! Because I am always receiving good energies to keep going on.

Perhaps you are thinking that is only a lie to try to convince people get my books. No, it is a path to show that will not take anything in this world. Maybe you don’t care about it now, because I am not famous person that I am just saying bullshit, but I believe in you. We must be aware the selfish and pleasures are only illusions. You have a big power! You don’t know many thing about yourself, thus you have decided to add anything important to the World, you can be sure that will face all thorns, big stones, orcs and any forces getting your target.

Therefore, I hope you can read it carefully thinking about it. I am opened to opinions.
Thanks for your attention. I wish Love, Light and Peace.


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