Monday, May 9, 2016

Depression, How can we solve it?


How are you?

I'll explain about subject that most people are suffering from this kind of situation, sometimes they can't understand or going out it. Do you know what is depression? Do you feel it? Will it be only physical? Or also related spiritually and physically together? In my knowledge, I will try to clarify this subject so that some people can understand it.

What's depression?

Depression is an emotional disorder follows the humanity through its history. In pathological way, there is sadness, pessimism, low self-esteem, which often appears and may be combined with each other.

How does it occur?

Chemical changes occur in the brain related neurotransmitter (serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine) substances transmit nerve impulse between cells.

The key!

In this, we can see that there is a chemical reaction in our brain, but what happen to occur it? Why some people feel depression? Everything has an action and reaction, is not it?

Anyway, when some people get "NO" in any aspect of their lives, they tend to retract and not accepting the situation are living in, much less trying to accept it.

However, taking as a frustration or fear of some happening. Soon after, some people begin losing faith, lose faith in everything, everything is bad and criticize all things are around, linking aggression, arrogance and pessimism.

In this case, this situation becomes a key to energy becoming weak, negatively open for decreasing energies are around, removing your life energy and taking us to suicide. We know the suicide is nothing beneficial to humans, resulting destructive future factors for humans.

What can we do?

First off, we must say to ourselves that all happening comes through our actions and thoughts, not putting blame on people or the world about our situations. Would you like to leave ? Get discipline and strength to want to be better and having the best, until then the situations do not occur in magical. Always seek inner light, performing GOOD DEEDS in life both in thought and feeling.

For treating, we have some alternatives not just using medicines, because it is not always beneficial to humans because it is psychological and spiritual simultaneously.

  • Light Therapy (Phototherapy)

Interesting, is not it? Light! We always need light to illuminate our lives. This therapy not only used for depression, but also sadness and among other treatments, using a light box for a recommended time for balancing your situation.

  • St. John’s Wort

Nature has always been and will be the most exuberant for curing diseases, they are what give us strength to our physical. This herb has been extensive debate about it, but it can soften and control the depression.

  • Holistic

You have soul! Soul is energy and life. Always remember about that! We are not machines to make packets of biscuits. Holistic is a non-medical practice seeks the body balance, mental and social through natural stimuli, such as: Reiki, Bach Flowers and so on.


I know! The moment really is bad to deal with, but we must seek faith! When they are in this situation, they lose faith. I'm not talking about religion, but believe in something can give you the strength and light. Believe in yourself, looking for a light force that can resurrect you to a new journey.

Never to return!

Work! Always work with you! Work is progress, you get attributes to get a better life with. Work is not just picking up weight or doing mathematical calculations, but overseeing your negative thoughts and feelings swirling you, putting them aside saying: "None of this, please, get out" always say it, you will see results. It is a constant struggle for that will not come happen depression or sadness again.

In this work, always try to be in good harmony with people, animals and nature, interacting in projects that bring joy and disposal, thus there are people who feel useless in the world for not knowing what to do.

Join in charity, not flaunt, not to remain in the physical desires as drugs, alcohol, sex without love and among other negative aspects. Remember everything is the opposite of the other, it is opposed to bring its own result. However, there are people have much money and feel unhappy for not knowing what to do. Get out of the comfort and go into the world to help those in need, because idleness brings sadness, depression and worthlessness. Charity is not just money, also hear people and trying to solve their situation.

Hence, the whole attitude is coming from us, we need to light up on the internal light so that we can tread a good path on Planet Earth, and not only judging everything around. Do you want to be the best? Be the best than yourself, everything is action and reaction, the Earth is beautiful, we should not use our nerve impulses to solve any situation, thus we will only destroy ourselves. Be better than yourself and be happy with your way.

I wish Peace, Health and Love


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