Sunday, October 11, 2015

Would you forgive your Enemy?

Hello friends,

I would like thanks everybody reads my recent post and I hope I can be helping in something.

I will comment about a fact that intrigue us to think a bit. However this question comes on: "Would you forgive your Enemy?" I guess most people would answer this question negatively, until the hatred and revenge feeling comes firstly inside us when we are losing. Therefore, some people don't like to lose and much less let vainly. The pride and vanity feeling comes and some them just think about to destroy other because they want to feel the victory relish. But would it be a victory? When does it come to revenge? Moreover we would think that would not be satisfactory because we must think everything: "Would you like someone would do the same with yourself?" So you can think, we are losing and when are leading with "the bounces back" or better saying "Action and Reaction" I'm not saying about Physics Theories moreover it is important to understand about in the Universe's Action, therefore the Physics is "natural" and the Revenge is "injury". Unless you are God and it determines that your revenge is more favorable, after all the World is not your hands but your life is inside in. These examples could say about: "When we are planting thorns thus we will collect possible thorns"

Do we suffer injustice? Yes, of course! So What would I do with? Keep the PATIENCE and seek to humans laws and let the Universe takes its own. Why the Patience? How we require for Patience thus we must get it as well and we have not authority to do it. Even the fairness takes to come but it will come to the life's reason and not using your hands to do it, so the Revenge ball will not never end up over.

But I am not here to tell what you need to do, because i am just a messenger and letting the message to help in your own life path. So when we need to forgive our enemies  we must respect them and don't need to live together but always showing respect and wisdom that is inside yourself. Perhaps current life or may be in other we will be charged about what we did.

So I let my message and I hope it can help in something.

I wish Health, Peace and Love

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I, You and We. Can We Get it?

Hi kith,

I would like to THANK ALL YOU to be reading my blog and folllowing my deep thoughts during the time.Moreover just people and the world inspire me to write a lot of things and thus progressing me to go up.

So let's go!

I will say about a thing wherein will take us to other hemisphere of the situation is related about our ignorance and our lack of patience. Moreover the 80% people of the World there are not patience enough to support or living a bad situation much less waiting in queue to pay our household bills.

Of course, we are not perfect enough to deal any situation. However there is not magic recipe to remove the lack of the patience but we can keep in training to go up. Go up inside us and interior life and showing for others can able to get in. But when l am saying that some people will ask for themselves: "It is easy to say, so is it easy to get it?" This question just ask for yourself and not for me morever the progress will come up to you. Think it could be a combat wherein you must win and this combat is being with yourself. I believe that most of the people just would like to receive the patience but not training to get in. Until then it is easier to require than giving.

Each one has a level of moral evolution in the soul thus there is some maturity to handle life things. I believe you have ever found someone has with soft voice and peace energy. Hence these people are identified as a gateway to learn how to speak more softly and getting the patience. How we can also to learn how to heard someone when is in despair taking to let off some steam.

I have trained several times to get the patience unti then when we are training to change something
inside us wherein will not attract good situation, thus we feel a hurt in our heart and will talk everything because are accostumated with rational way and not for the side of the ledger. When are in LEDGER it is a signal we are learning to deal with people and life.

Training, Training, Training and Traning. Breath, Think, Meditate, Help, Reflect and Study. Feel the nature, wind and the peace is inside you. Talk with yourself! Talk with different people and explore your mind where it can reach. No waste time with false hopes thus will exceed yourself to lack of the patience. No JUDGE! Just say the TRUTH! Live intensely as if it was your last day because I, You and We will not know when will take off to other DIMENSION. Enjoy the moment to forgive and not to the revenge because we do not know when will receive the FORGIVE.

So do you consider yourself  lack of the patience? If yes, no or both what matters we have many chances but not much time.

Big hugs!

I wish Peace, Health and Wisdom

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Are We Good Enough?

Greetings kith,

I am here again. I will comment about an interesting thing perhaps will take us to reflect about it.
It will be whether we are being something good enough for us and some situation is coming in our day to day.

Have you ever wondered how many times you forgot to give the important message for such a person
and did not say? So it would be prettty much the same when we forget to look for ourselves and sideways as much as we are still selfish to think that we are all and that everything is beneath us.

Of course, the forgotten is part of the brain situation but I said that just as a figurative example, because we always forget that we live in the same WORLD.

Where everyone lives with you, is not it? When will we learn
that every day becomes enjoyable when there is a universal power?

Therefore the question is, do you consider yourself good enough? or even to your friends and family? The answer is just yours! After all, some of them not even ask this for themselves, but that's pretty good! Because this rectifies us to be better every day, leading us to believe that our actions
are not going good for ourselves or much less for those in need.

Do you want to become the best? You begin to ask for yourself, thus try to do something to be the best, so get off from the chair and the comfort to carry out some special action or thought will increase in some.
Stop a lit a bit to reclaim and Take off!! Lets try to learn at least a little of what is listen to. Whereby listen people is an evolution for ourselves. No need to force or much less moored. So just TRY! Because I, you and everybody will become human higher each day. Hence we will get the capacity to give the medicine to heal someone is in despair.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's time to change

Hello kith,

I am here again. Whatever I will write things whereby we will think about it.

That's time to change! Every moment is a time to change. Moreover we are always sit down or shored up with any situation therefore it will take us to decline.

We would say it comes through with a bad or inane situation unrequited. Thereby we are able to say and think about bad thing, thus we are capable to add even more energy across any situation.

Do you want to change? So let' me see. I'm not life's boss, but I must say we must firstly change our words and actions of life situation, because everything is relative it should deal with righteous to involve us to new generation and mind concept. However, we are imperfect people are not able to understand something, but we need to take risk some moment of life to learn something. At this moment, we will remove slowly the selfishness, hatred and any contrary feeling of goodness to satisfy our inner peace.

Why is it slowly? Because our spherical mind deals just do things accordance with the time, because the addictions and negative aspects are taken out that way. How you must know, the peace will come for us when we are in peace with ourselves. That's time to change! Yes! It's time! Because not claim for a good bless if you have not made anything to change it. But we must know to change us will get a heavy way because what is blessing will always be harder to get in.

Why is it tough? Because how I have told you before we are imperfect, however the imperfections are impregnated in our soul taking the difficulties to remove out. The hurdles is evolution for us and it will take us for a path nothing clovers. Where your feet will not feel the grief and much less the heft. Get off the comfort! Move on! Take yourself and change minds. Because you're changing yourself will be recycling the World.

Brotherly hugs