Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I, You and We. Can We Get it?

Hi kith,

I would like to THANK ALL YOU to be reading my blog and folllowing my deep thoughts during the time.Moreover just people and the world inspire me to write a lot of things and thus progressing me to go up.

So let's go!

I will say about a thing wherein will take us to other hemisphere of the situation is related about our ignorance and our lack of patience. Moreover the 80% people of the World there are not patience enough to support or living a bad situation much less waiting in queue to pay our household bills.

Of course, we are not perfect enough to deal any situation. However there is not magic recipe to remove the lack of the patience but we can keep in training to go up. Go up inside us and interior life and showing for others can able to get in. But when l am saying that some people will ask for themselves: "It is easy to say, so is it easy to get it?" This question just ask for yourself and not for me morever the progress will come up to you. Think it could be a combat wherein you must win and this combat is being with yourself. I believe that most of the people just would like to receive the patience but not training to get in. Until then it is easier to require than giving.

Each one has a level of moral evolution in the soul thus there is some maturity to handle life things. I believe you have ever found someone has with soft voice and peace energy. Hence these people are identified as a gateway to learn how to speak more softly and getting the patience. How we can also to learn how to heard someone when is in despair taking to let off some steam.

I have trained several times to get the patience unti then when we are training to change something
inside us wherein will not attract good situation, thus we feel a hurt in our heart and will talk everything because are accostumated with rational way and not for the side of the ledger. When are in LEDGER it is a signal we are learning to deal with people and life.

Training, Training, Training and Traning. Breath, Think, Meditate, Help, Reflect and Study. Feel the nature, wind and the peace is inside you. Talk with yourself! Talk with different people and explore your mind where it can reach. No waste time with false hopes thus will exceed yourself to lack of the patience. No JUDGE! Just say the TRUTH! Live intensely as if it was your last day because I, You and We will not know when will take off to other DIMENSION. Enjoy the moment to forgive and not to the revenge because we do not know when will receive the FORGIVE.

So do you consider yourself  lack of the patience? If yes, no or both what matters we have many chances but not much time.

Big hugs!

I wish Peace, Health and Wisdom

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