Sunday, October 11, 2015

Would you forgive your Enemy?

Hello friends,

I would like thanks everybody reads my recent post and I hope I can be helping in something.

I will comment about a fact that intrigue us to think a bit. However this question comes on: "Would you forgive your Enemy?" I guess most people would answer this question negatively, until the hatred and revenge feeling comes firstly inside us when we are losing. Therefore, some people don't like to lose and much less let vainly. The pride and vanity feeling comes and some them just think about to destroy other because they want to feel the victory relish. But would it be a victory? When does it come to revenge? Moreover we would think that would not be satisfactory because we must think everything: "Would you like someone would do the same with yourself?" So you can think, we are losing and when are leading with "the bounces back" or better saying "Action and Reaction" I'm not saying about Physics Theories moreover it is important to understand about in the Universe's Action, therefore the Physics is "natural" and the Revenge is "injury". Unless you are God and it determines that your revenge is more favorable, after all the World is not your hands but your life is inside in. These examples could say about: "When we are planting thorns thus we will collect possible thorns"

Do we suffer injustice? Yes, of course! So What would I do with? Keep the PATIENCE and seek to humans laws and let the Universe takes its own. Why the Patience? How we require for Patience thus we must get it as well and we have not authority to do it. Even the fairness takes to come but it will come to the life's reason and not using your hands to do it, so the Revenge ball will not never end up over.

But I am not here to tell what you need to do, because i am just a messenger and letting the message to help in your own life path. So when we need to forgive our enemies  we must respect them and don't need to live together but always showing respect and wisdom that is inside yourself. Perhaps current life or may be in other we will be charged about what we did.

So I let my message and I hope it can help in something.

I wish Health, Peace and Love

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