Sunday, March 13, 2016

You are light!

Howdy, brothers and sisters,

Today, I will say about us and what we really are on the Planet Earth, moreover some people judge themselves and others like untidy throns on a rose. However, everything has ways to trim and repair any situations.

Do you know all humans are light? I, you and we are all light, but some of them don't try to light up or much less to grow it, thus to walk on the right track. In the Universe, we were created simple and ignorant to act in the progress of the Planet Earth, everything has an evolutionary scale and nothing came ready and perfect inside us to stay only in the everlasting enjoyment, but only the Divine Nature is perfect.

I guess you and any other person has been judged, calling negative aspects such as: "Demon, thief, deceiver or any situation coming to detroy the moral sense" but all these are recurring actions and judgments, thus it will take to moral progress whereby everything is wisdom for our lives. Hence, we must note tha even with our wrong actions, we have a strong and inner light, but we live in materialistic world with chains of negative energy, sometimes preveting to get equilibrium and inner light to illuminate our tracks faster.

So think about it, we are strong and have light inside us, you are light! Make only good deeds and noble feelings for you, family, friends and world.

I wish Peace, Love and Health


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