Wednesday, August 24, 2016

5 gifts that are inside you.

Hello friends,
How are you? I hope everything is well, after all, the world has occurred several transformations and I hope you are adjusting to.

First off, I would like thank you for reading, sharing and attention, and I hope it is adding some value in your life.

Today, I will say about matter with which people don't talk or much less seeking to know about, but they just seek to destroy themselves or others without even they know what they are.

Firstly, you can create your own reality, yes, you do! Only look for determination, strength and discipline to achieve what you are targeting. However we must be with focused eyes to reality and not only putting the fantasy that all things are available to you, no! Everything has a time to get or happening thus it is linked to teach us the PATIENCE.

Come on, stop clamming and saying bad things about yourself, because you have inner gifts.

1. You're light!

Yes, you are light! Do you know why? Because the humans were created by energy, and this energy is channeled into our soul, therefore the light is within you, and this light makes us feel fulfilled, giving a sense to live with. You attract things good when it is lit. Some people lit it and others do not. Turn on right now!

2. You're immortal!

Unfortunately, some people still think that everything dies and that nothing will transform or will keep inside us, but you are immortal! Your soul will take everything you have learned, nothing is lost! Our existence on this planet is just to improve our knowledge and developing to our morality to the beneficial side, reaching the highest level. You are not here to be in idleness, you come to be different. So do not be afraid to get out of here, you're immortal, your soul is immortal and you will be better than you were before.

3. You're smart!

Exactly! You're smart, why would you say that to yourself? Because the essence of wanting to learn, know and see more, it is an energy that comes from within our soul, we are curious to know what has not yet been discovered, so the challenge of unraveling things, the intelligence is saying that you are able to do things. Don't care about the people who are saying you are not able to, you are! Do not be putting limitations or being stuck things because your ability you have not used it fully.

4. What you learn, you will not lose.

Yes, everything you learned will not lose, everything will be stored in the subconscious and will be awakened when you need to use it. Do not worry, everything will work out!

5. You're master.

Yes my brethren, you are the master! We came here to learn and teach those people who do not yet know something. Many people seek stimulus through other people, so the knowledge acquired part of one who taught you both physical and spiritual side. What whispers in your ears or comes to your mind called "idea" or "insight" it is a hidden force that is teaching you to add progress on the planet. The true master is one who respects the level and time of people and have patience, you do not need to know everything! You teach according to your abilities.

So I leave here my knowledge, I hope it helps you on something and can whiten your paths, because you have come to win and not be in suffering.

Fondly, I wish you love, peace and light.


Monday, August 8, 2016

4 reasons you break your creativity.

Hello brethren, how are you?

First off, I would like to thank for all situations of my life regardless of how it is. Thank for those who are just reading, sharing or commenting, because that's makes me want to write and exposing more my knowledge.

Today, I will say about some reasons why people block their creativity in all areas, of course, the
4 reasons are the main and there are more them. However always see them FORCING to want to show something. Don't be forcing, it hurts!

One of the reasons are:

1. Don't be forcing your mind.

I noticed that some people are forcing the mind to write, draw or create something new in their projects, in fact, they are doing a bad thing for themselves as if they were wanting to put whole apple in the mouth, know that will not enter. Some people say you need to be watching, reading and writing all the time to get something new, it's not that way! Things to become with quality when we are going to make it with consistently, thus time to time consolidating to make something better. It's a diamond! You are not machine, just say to that person who is charging you something like this: "My mind is revolutionizing and something new coming, wait!" Stop that! Pushing things will not flow NOTHING! Let things flow naturally where the energy and imagination will come in your thoughts, of course, always get the discipline and keep it on alert. I recommend you close the eyes for 20 minutes, give a time to you, you have soul. In this case, would you like to date someone forcibly? I think not, then think about it!

2. Don't create just for creating something.

In my life journey, some people were saying this: "I will create anything, they will not notice" Maybe it's a failure for you to do this, because you're lying to yourself. People notice when you did something forced and that did not come from your feelings, soon after, you will feel empty even if it approved. The dissatisfaction will come for you, because it was not your real feeling, it will be a time bomb for your soul . Don't worry about what people will think, better disapprove than lying to yourself, we must revolutionize! Do not create to create, but create to grow it!

3. Open your mind to NOVELTY.

I have noticed that some people are afraid to change the trajectory, because they think they will be rejected, but have you already tried? Why do you NEED to follow the same path of all? The creativity is not enough? I believe and feel that some people do not seek CREATE, because they think they will not sell anything. See other authors, artists and great inventors who have made something new to the world. Why some people are using some Apple product? Because Steve Jobs was bold to want to do something new and called him crazy, and if he was not, how about it? If he had not revolutionized, the Apple would exist? So do not limit yourself, feel, hear and do, be DIFFERENT!

4. Don't give importance to society!

Ohh, always get it! Some people caring what society will think about. I believe this is one of the largest mental padlocks incumbent to change, coming the FEAR to revolutionize and make a difference. You are afraid? Sometimes I am, but it does not prevent me to make a difference because I believe that things need to change and that nothing will be stationed. Therefore, get up off the couch, stop complaining and do what your soul asks. Creativity is knocking at your door? Accept it, even though bizarre, but it can make all the difference in the world, think about it!

Therefore, I hope these 4 reasons may have given you more strength and hope for your projects, so go ahead. You are light, you have no idea about your ability. Revolutionize and change, always go for good deed.


I wish Love, Peace and Health,