Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Break up everything!

Hello brothers and sisters,

Firstly, I would like to thank you, you are always reading my posts. I hope some of them can be adding something inside yourself. Moreover, it is only my intention.
The subject will say about “Break up everything”. Are you linked with people? Are you linked with material things? Why will I say about it? Some people don’t know yet how this attribute can destroy your life, and also will bring seriously consequences to your soul. 

I don’t know if you know about it, but you have a soul. You are to conduct a mission in this planet. This mission is only to progress your soul, regardless what you will find out according to your life path. Your progress is individual and not joint. You are lonely!

We are imperfect, we are not opened. We have still doubts about our existence, ideas, feelings and so on. We deny what comes to change inside us, because we still get pride and ego. Therefore, we don’t have large consciousness to understand all things in this planet, and much less spiritual colonies, galaxies and cosmic power. We must be opened to understand all. We must be opened to get creativity, health, prosperity, love and good situations. If we are not opened, we will not be constantly unhappy. Until then we are not purely connected with divine, because we are always seeking for make money, satisfy our physical pleasures and other things will increase our interest point.  Divine is spiritual and not material.

When we are constantly attached with people, animals and material things. Unfortunately, we will get sadness, depression, suffering and illusions. Do you like illusion? Do you like to be in suffering? 
If you really enjoy it, I’m sorry, so this article is not for you.Therefore, I recommend you get off this prospect. What should we do to get off this?

Firstly, Love! Yes, the love. The love is not possession. The love is not discrimination. The love is respect. The love is equilibrium. Live in love.

Second, Charity, yes. Help people! We must help people not seeing for our own interest point, but trying to solve their problem and not waiting for a feedback. Helping people is not only giving money, clothes, houses and so on. Hearing people and showing the light path, it is a great helping.

Third, talk with yourself. Give a time for yourself. Study good books and articles will add great values for your life. Perform mediation every day, you will notice your consciousness will be more flowing.

Of course, we must be always taking good deeds. Performing tasks will add light inside us. Get off physical pleasures and material things. Break up people and all things this planet, thus we will become a strong planetary soldier.

I wish Love, Light and Peace


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